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Gastric Feeding Tubes Ensure Patients Receive Proper Nutrition - 翻译中...

1. A gastric feeding tube is a medical device that is inserted into a patient's stomach to supplement the patient's diet

Gastrointestinal feeding tubes are used in patients who cannot eat, and sometimes in patients who refuse to eat. IVF requires some education, as patients and/or caregivers must be taught a nutritionally balanced and IVF-friendly formula. As a medical tool, gastric feeding tubes can greatly improve patient outcomes by ensuring they receive proper nutrition.

There are two basic types of feed tubes. A nasogastric or natural gas tube is passed through a patient's nose into his or her stomach. Such tubes are often used for respite care, where patients only need a gastric feeding tube for a few days. NG tubes can be very uncomfortable for patients. A gastric or G-tube is inserted into the abdominal wall with the aid of an endoscope. The tube is designed for long-term use, and when properly installed, the patient can thread the tube in and out very comfortably.

When a gastric feeding tube is to be inserted through the abdominal wall, the patient needs to be sedated or the procedure can be uncomfortable. The endoscope goes down the esophagus and into the stomach. The bright light helps doctors see the endoscope through the patient's abdomen, and the endoscope provides a clear view of the inside of the stomach. Then, a needle is pushed into the abdomen and used to guide the gastric feeding tube into place.

2. Patients may experience discomfort as the surgical site heals in the days following insertion of the feeding tube

It's also important to keep the spot clean, changing the gauze and wiping it down regularly. After the site has healed, the caregiver must check the tube regularly to make sure it doesn't move out of place. Pressure on the tube can cause internal damage, as can partial removal of the tube.

To feed a patient through a gastric tube, the valve on the gastric tube is opened to allow the flow of food formula. Many companies produce commercial formula for use in milk tubes. Some doctors recommend that people only use commercial products because they are less likely to cause blockages and they are formulated to provide complete nutrition. The patient's stomach normally digests the food, extracting available nutrients for the patient's body, and passing the rest out as waste.